Million Dollar Healthcare Staffing Blueprint

Tired of working for someone else?

Do you want to control your schedule?

Would you like to make millions while relaxing on a beach?

Your new Healthcare Staffing Firm is a key to unlocking the door to you building generational wealth for your family!

From time and time again, we’ve seen so many business owners fail not because of the lack of passion but because of knowledge and not having the right mindset.

We started this academy to inspire, mentor and train healthcare professionals to succeed in gaining freedom. You deserve more from life than just getting by. From goal setting to business coaching to marketing, we’ll help you through the whole process.

In ONLY 6 weeks…

Master your Healthcare Staffing Business

This course will teach you how to start a successful business without breaking your bank and depleting your savings from starting a business the wrong way. I have been there and done that, and my goal is to save you from the hundreds of mistakes I made while starting my business.

Here are the Fast Action Bonuses Offered with your course:

Bonus 1: Free Healthcare Staffing Agency Website

Bonus 2: Free eBook – The Millionaire Mindset Transformation!

Bonus 3: When you purchase the Million Dollar Healthcare Staffing Blueprint Course and Mastermind Seminar & Training, you will receive a $2,500.00 discount.

Bonus 4: We will connect you to a reputable factoring company

Bonus 5: Priority Placement on the Waiting List to Join “The Millionaire Inner-Circle Club”

Mastermind Seminar & Training Course: (Sign up during the course: $3,000) – Total cost of the Healthcare Staffing Course and the Mastermind Seminar & Training is $17,500 – Saving $2,500).  

Mastermind Seminar & Training Course costs $5,500.00 if not purchased as a bundle.

The combination of a business course, bonuses, mastermind seminar and training, and the exclusive Millionaire Inner-circle Club will ensure you grow a million-dollar profiting business within 12-18 months.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to build your high-volume staffing firm in less than six weeks
  • Framework to launch a profitable healthcare staffing firm
  • How to Select Your Niche: What specialty to choose
  • Complete Staffing Agreements with Bill rates
  • How to Invoice your customers
  • How to find Funding for your Staffing Agency
  • Scripts on how to engage potential clients
  • Business Success Secrets
  • How to keep your costs LOW and Your Profits HIGH!
  • Website Building and Marketing Walk-through and Plan
  • 6-Weeks Live Questions and Answers (Q&A) Sessions

We’ve designed this course to be practical and actionable with tons of great resources, templates, and tips. If you follow along, week by week, watch the videos and complete the exercises, in just 6 short weeks, you will have made your dreams of starting your own business a reality. And, yes, we will set you on the path of building your dream life and successful business to become a Millionaire in 12 to 18 months!

Start a successful healthcare staffing and home healthcare business in as little as 6-12 weeks!

HealthCare Staffing Coaching

We teach our clients to quickly launch their healthcare staffing and home healthcare business within 6 weeks. Yes, you read that right – 6 short weeks! The combination of the hands-on training, business course, bonuses, mastermind seminar & training, and the millionaire inner-circle club will all but ensure our clients grow a million-dollar profiting business within 12-18 months.


Mastermind Seminar & Training

Never reach a plateau of success with Mastermind coaching. We’ll teach you how to continue growing your business and accelerate your profit. Talk directly with coaches who have over 60 combined years of healthcare management, healthcare operations, and caregiving experience. Bonus: Reach your full potential with Millionaire Growth Coaching within the Millionaire Inner-circle Club.

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity

  • Gain independence and flexibility in your work schedule and vacation time.
  • You’ll have more freedom and independence working for yourself.
  • Increase your personal fulfillment
  • Opportunity to build generational wealth.
  • You provide financial security to your employees and fill the in-demand jobs in the marketplace.
  • You can become a specialized Healthcare Staffing Agency to provide staff in various health professions.
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Tiffany Solutions

" Deon helped me so much during our session. Working with Deon has helped me gain clarity and start on a life path to success.

Through Deon's coaching, I was able to see the roadblocks stopping me from achieving what I really wanted. He coached me in a way that allowed me to see my vision as an integrated piece of my vision for life and the mind/body connection needed in creating a better life. Deon shared his own experiences and knowledge which was not only inspiring but enhanced the coaching experience. "

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