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The biggest problem many business owners face is going it alone. In an effort to save costs, they end up doing everything themselves. Or they feel like nobody else can do it as well as them, so they take on all the responsibility. You feel stuck, like you’re going nowhere. Worse, there’s so much bad information out there that they don’t even know where to start.

This is where a business coach comes in. A business coach is a professional who has a proven track record of building and scaling successful businesses for themselves and others.

Our program is coached by two highly successful business owners that continue to operate successful businesses that were started from the ground up and have grown millions in profits.


  • Discuss your goals and worries with professional business coaches to set a framework for your future.


  • Learn to quickly launch your healthcare staffing and home healthcare business within 6 weeks. At the same time, you receive a 12-week business startup and growth course.

Business Growth and Marketing Training

  • We help business owners obtain the funds they need to out-think, out-market & out-sell their competition. We will help you eliminate the financial hurdles in business ownership through E-learning.
  • We help business owners obtain the funds they need to out-think, out-market & out-sell their competition. We will help you eliminate the financial hurdles in business ownership through E-learning.

Website Development & Marketing

  • Finally, get discounted website design and development services through our program. This allows you to have an online presence quickly. You can select a pre-built or custom-designed website.

The Secret is In Our 4 Pillars of HealthCare Staffing Coaching

The Secret is In Our 4 Pillars of HealthCare

Staffing Coaching

1. Mindset Your Beliefs About Yourself Influence Your Results

Many business owners don’t reach their full potential because they’re stuck with some version of these beliefs:

  • No Matter What I Do, I Can’t Seem To Breakthrough 6 Or 7 Figures
  • If Only People Knew How Good My Product Is, They’d Surely Buy I
  • Spent So Much On Marketing With Nothing To Show For It
  • I Don’t Have Enough Experience To Start My Own Business
  • What If I Don’t Make Enough Money, And I Can’t Pay My Bills?

The truth is, the beliefs, and other variations of them, are what’s holding you back from getting what you say you want. They’re the fear and doubt that stop you from taking action. An experienced business coach helps you see these beliefs and change them into actions that will work for you.

2. Behavioral Change Transform Yourself Into A Business Leader

Many business owners focus on doing the wrong things. Oftentimes, they don’t even know where to begin. A business coach will help you build the soft skills as well as the hard skills to be successful. Every profitable business has a structure and income potential, and a business coach with experience running a successful business will help you see the areas you need to maximize. In the end, you’ll transform your business, and yourself, into a market leader.

3. Results Your Success Depends On Committed Action

You’ll build a plan with your business coach, but executing it’s up to you. And your results depend on you taking the action you say you will. For example, suppose you commit to making $1 million in revenue this quarter. And at the end of the three months, you’ve made $899,999. That amount should be celebrated! But you didn’t hit your goal… What action could you have taken to make it happen? What stopped you from doing that? The answers to those questions and your actions when you finally breakthrough into success are really what will transform your business!

4. Support, Sustainment, and Continuous Education Your journey doesn’t end with results – it’s just a beginning!

Coaches can help you identify areas to maximize your success and ease growing pains with their 60 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves on seeing our clients succeed. The potential for growth and success becomes exponentially greater the longer you work with your coach, re-enforce your new habits, and continue to learn about yourself.

Mastermind Seminar & Training Course: (Sign up during the course: $3,000) – Total cost of the Healthcare Staffing Course and the Mastermind Seminar & Training is $17,500 – Saving $2,500).  

Mastermind Seminar & Training Course costs $5,500.00 if not purchased as a bundle.

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" Coach Deon Huff is a business and life coach full of resources that any person would be lucky to have in their arsenal

to coach them to greater success. He was so insightful and the action steps we came up with were inspiring and they truly got me motivated and excited to go do homework. Coach Deon Huff's calm assurance that I am capable, and I already have all the tools I needed to succeed at my disposal was the reinforcement I needed at the exact right time. I received life-charging coaching during our sessions. Coach Deon Huff helped me realize my full potential to move to create a profitable business and improved my life as well. Thanks, Coach Deon Huff! "