Mastermind Seminar

Mastermind Seminar

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Maximize your potential with access to Deon, Syreeta,

and other high-achieving entrepreneurs

Feel like your business peaked? Unsure how to reach your goals? Or even what your goals are? You need a qualified mentor to guide you to your next level of success. Confidently, strategically, and intentionally take your healthcare staffing firm or any business – to new heights in no time. Our Mastermind Seminar & Training is exclusively designed for those seeking to elevate their business to growing millions within your business. Owners want to grow their business and learn from others in the field.

Learn the mindset necessary to succeed at the highest levels

Discover how to scale your business in any environment or economy

Gain insider information from your Healthcare Staffing Success Coach

Unlike any other company’s healthcare staffing course, the instructors, creators, and owners of these courses are certified coaches in numerous areas (Business, Career, Health, Life, Relationship, and Wealth Building).

Get hands-on training with a prior Healthcare Executive with over 30 years of Healthcare Management experience and a Registered Nurse and Healthcare Staffing Agency owner with over 30 years of nursing experience. Combined, your trainers/coaches have over 60 years of healthcare management, healthcare operations, and caregiving experience.

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" Coach Deon Huff is a business and life coach full of resources that any person would be lucky to have in their arsenal

to coach them to greater success. He was so insightful and the action steps we came up with were inspiring and they truly got me motivated and excited to go do homework. Coach Deon Huff's calm assurance that I am capable, and I already have all the tools I needed to succeed at my disposal was the reinforcement I needed at the exact right time. I received life-charging coaching during our sessions. Coach Deon Huff helped me realize my full potential to move to create a profitable business and improved my life as well. Thanks, Coach Deon Huff! "