Start a successful healthcare staffing and home healthcare business in as little as 6-12 weeks!

Week One: How start your Healthcare Staffing Business

We teach our clients to quickly launch their healthcare staffing and home healthcare business within 6 weeks. Yes, you read that right – 6 short weeks! The combination of the hands-on training, business course, bonuses, mastermind seminar & training, and the millionaire inner-circle club will all but ensure our clients grow a million-dollar profiting business within 12-18 months.


Mastermind Seminar & Training

Never reach a plateau of success with Mastermind coaching. We’ll teach you how to continue growing your business and accelerate your profit. Talk directly with coaches who have over 60 combined years of healthcare management, healthcare operations, and caregiving experience. Bonus: Reach your full potential with Millionaire Growth Coaching within the Millionaire Inner-circle Club.

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity

  • Gain independence and flexibility in your work schedule and vacation time.
  • You’ll have more freedom and independence working for yourself.
  • Increase your personal fulfillment
  • Opportunity to build generational wealth.
  • You provide financial security to your employees and fill the in-demand jobs in the marketplace.
  • You can become a specialized Healthcare Staffing Agency to provide staff in various health professions.
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Small Business Insurance By Hiscox – America’s leading small business insurer with roots dating back to 1901. Hiscox insures, supports, and inspires small business owners to protect the companies they spend a lot of time building.  As experts in risk, we give people and businesses the confidence to realize their ambitions, and we have the expertise to challenge convention and find a better way to help our customer secure their companies.


Nurse Agency Licensing Act – Protects the public’s right to high-quality health care by licensing and mandating standards of operation for nurse agencies that refer, employ, or assign registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or certified nurse aides to health care facilities. If you wish to start a Healthcare Staffing or Medical Staffing Agency, most states require purchasing the correct insurance to operate your business. Therefore, it is crucial that you have this insurance protection in place before you apply for a Nurse Agency Licensing in the state you will be operating your business.  The below business is provided for you to seek out professional licenses. You are welcome to use our recommended company or seek your preferred insurer.

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