Teresa Davis

Coach Deon Huff is a great business, health, and life coach. He helped me start a business and to find clarity in my life.  During our coaching sessions, I felt like we were two friends talking. After two coaching sessions with Deon, my attitude and business growth shifted 180 degrees. I am inspired to live my best life!

His zeal and dedication to coaching me on my issues to help me become my very best were present in our life coaching sessions; I am sure he motivated his other clients. He introduced me to the concepts of being present and making space to think about different ways to make changes within my life. 

Deon helped guide me to surround myself with positive people. Equally, I have learned to prioritize tasks that were good for me and my goals while eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were not mutually beneficial. 

Thank you for your inspiring, relieving, insightful, and energizing coaching sessions!  The value of the money I paid for his coaching was worth a mountain of gold to gain the coaching and life transformation from being coached by a super coach. I would recommend Deon to coach anyone in my family, and I will refer him to my circle of friends!