Private Health Coaching

Private Health Coaching

Transform Your Well-Being With One-On-One Private Health Coaching .

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Yes, you can live a life free of disease, excess weight, and chronic fatigue.

The food we eat directly impacts all areas of our well-being. Countless studies have shown that poor diet and being overweight both contribute to a range of illnesses from diabetes, high-blood pressure, and low energy levels.

And yet, a lot of these problems are not our fault. Fast food restaurants, sedentary lifestyles, and aggressive marketing from food companies all set us up for failure. They claim to be “healthy” but they don’t take into account the whole range of our individual behavior.

Working with a health coach can prevent, reduce, and improve many conditions.

Jia Nicole Manning

Health Coaching Client

"Coach Deon Huff was very insightful, suggested great material for me to review in my spare time, and was patient in allowing me to say what I needed to say. Coach Deon Huff was also very attentive. He provided simple yet effective responses that were honest and empowering. I left our session feeling more confident, reassured, and ready to take on the world!"

I could tell you about all the benefits of health coaching, but nothing will convince you like working one-on-one with a health coach.

That’s why I’m giving new clients a FREE success consultation and 7-day meal plan. The FREE consultation will provide you with a ton of value – even if you decide not to work together.

You deserve to live a healthier, happier life. So click the button below and find a time for a consultation that works for you.

The SECRET Is In Our “4 Pillars” of Health Coaching



Changing Your Beliefs About Food, Health, And Exercise

Many business owners don’t reach their full potential because they’re stuck with some version of these beliefs:
  • It’s Hard To Lose Weight
  • I’ll Never Give Up My Favorite Meal/Drink/Snack
  • I Don’t Have Time To Exercise
  • There’s No Way For Me To Stick To A Diet For More Than A Week
  • My Parents Were Overweight, So It’s Just My Body Type
If you’ve struggled with health and weight issues, you’ve probably said some version of one or all of these at some point. These are called self-limiting beliefs, and they’re what stop people from getting the health results they want. Working with a health coach allows you to identify these beliefs then shift your behavior into something that will work for you.

Behavioral Change

Form Habits That Serve You

Behavioral change is the action step of health coaching. The reason why many diets fail and exercise plans fail is people try to do too much too quickly. It’s not sustainable. Some diets recommend that you cut out carbohydrates or fats. But there’s nothing inherently wrong with carbohydrates or fats. But there is a big difference between french fries and sweet potatoes or regular pasta and whole wheat pasta. Working with your health coach, you’ll identify changes in your behavior that will actually work FOR you - because it’s made just for YOU! Then, you’ll set goals and work to attain them on a short, medium, and long term basis.


Your Success Depends On Committed Action

Taking a look at your results is difficult for many people. On the other hand, it can be the most rewarding! Once you’ve committed to a plan, it’s important to take a look and ask, “Did I have it happen?” This is where accountability comes in. Your coach will help you look at your results objectively. You’ll identify what made you successful, what limiting beliefs came up, and what you might need to add the next time. Over time, your frequent wins will add up to BIG RESULTS!

Support, Sustainment, and Continuous Education

Your journey doesn’t end with results - it’s just a beginning!

The potential for growth and success becomes exponentially greater the longer you work with your coach, re-enforce your new habits, and continue to learn about yourself.


You’ve mentioned preventing or helping diseases. Are you a doctor?

No, I am not a doctor. However, I can help you make a plan of action using science-backed strategies or your doctor’s recommendations. With health-coaching, the focus is on results and what matters to you. And you should never start a diet or exercise plan without first talking to your doctor. Additionally, never start, stop, or change your medication without talking to your doctor. 

What’s the difference between you and a nutritionist?

A nutritionist tells you EXACTLY what to eat, but there is no focus or accountability on what will work for YOU. There’s a ton of value in eating healthy. But, what happens when you go out to dinner and stray from that diet plan? Then maybe the next day you decide that since you broke from the plan, all bets are off. A health coach will get you to see WHY you broke from the plan, what you could have done differently, and how to be prepared for that situation the next time.

I’ve never been successful on a diet/exercise plan before. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! For many people, health coaching is their best, and only, chance at being successful. With a diet plan, you’re told what to do. With an exercise routine, you follow along with the instructor or trainer. You’re doing all the right things, but there is no LASTING change because it’s not connected to your purpose at the core level. Simply doing exercises doesn’t reach your WHY. Of course everyone wants to be healthy, but your reason is what drives you. Maybe you want to play more with your grandkids. Maybe you don’t want to die of a heart attack at 50 like a family member did. Whatever the reason, it’s the connection to your WHY that will keep you going, and your health coach will keep you focused on that. 

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Healthy Journey Pro – Business Edition was developed for Professionals, Physicians, Nurses, Exercise Leaders, Fitness Trainers, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Wellness Experts, and more! – All meal plans are evaluated and designed by doctors and dietitians. Using our program helps professional provides balanced, easy to use, healthy, nutrient-rich meals to the clients and these meals are also delicious! Pre-planned meal plans provide variety as you start creating healthy, nutritious meals. Our program helps you to manage your clients in a more efficient way and set them on the path to better health.

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  • Meal plan reports
  • Grocery list reports
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  • Calorie tracking reports
  • Exercise log reports
  • Food Barcode Scanner
  • Fitbit wearables syncronization
  • Daily inspirational messages to app
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  • Excercise log to track calories burned

The MyMoves Details

Screen displays specific information about each exercise movement. This includes video content link, instructions, sets, repetitions, weight, speed, distance, etc. The details screen also allows exchanging of exercises, adding additional sets and repetitions and deletion of these items.


Calendar View

Use the convenient MyMoves calendar to view and plan your workout schedule. Touch a day to view the exercises assigned. Once you have completed the exercise, touch on the box mark it as done. Touch on the exercise to see the exercise detail screen.

List View

The List View of MyMoves allows you to see at-a-glance your schedule of past and upcoming workouts. Check boxes are made available to identify which workouts have been completed. Quickly jump to any day’s workout or toggle back to the Calendar view.


Exercise Database

Search the database of nearly 1,000 exercise videos. Refine your search by body part or search tag keywords such as kettle bell, dumbbell, yoga and more. Can’t find the video you need? Upload your own custom exercise video links from youtube or Vimeo.